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Chris Cunningham

30 Years Dour
GBR (Reading)


Chris Cunningham is a British video artist who worked with Stanley Kubrick before turning his hand to music videos (Aphex Twin, Bjork, Portishead...) and production, having recently produced a couple of tracks on The Horrors' latest album. At Dour he will present a show with three screens on OVDI digital video. With Chris Cunningham the musical video becomes a whole new cinematographic genre. Conceived as short films with perfect synchronisation between tone and image, his accomplishments open a new chapter in the history of the video. For those who enjoyed the Aphex Twin show with Hecker (2009), you will love Chris Cunningham's. (Dour Festival 2010)

Dour Festival


  • electro
  • video
  • director
  • idm
  • bjork
  • electronic
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