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Kyuss Lives!

USA (Palm Desert (CA))


Having sold out the Brussels venue Ancienne Belgique twice over in just a couple of hours, Kyuss are making a grand return to the festival circuit –in the Last Arena at Dour!

Such an event gives us the chance to look back over their prodigious back story…

Created more than 20 years ago by Brant Bjork, Josh Homme, and John Garcia when they were still at school, Kyuss started their career in the south of California. The stoner metal group was joined by Nick Oliveri in 1991 and released Wretch, the first of their five albums.

Kyuss’s notoriety grew, and the band became close to such renowned groups as Nirvana and Metallica, opening concerts for them. 1994 was the beginning of the end with the consecutive departures of Oliveri and Bjork. The following year, the group split soon after the release of the album …And the circus leaves town.

Queens of the Stone Age were born from the ashes of Kyuss. Meanwhile John Garcia founded the band Hermano, and Brant Bjork devoted himself to a solo career. The iconic status of Kyuss grew and grew, and their influence is discernable in rock bands around the world.

In 2010, John Garcia met Bruno Fevery, one of the foremost contemporary guitarists, and Fevery accompanied him on his tour Garcia plays Kyuss. The reception was even more extraordinary than first predicted, and during Hellfest something remarkable happened: Oliveri and Bjork joined them on stage, playing together as in the old days. The results were so phenomenal that they decided, just a few hours later, to make a comeback; exclusively to play concerts, under the name Kyuss Lives!. The group are back with a bang, and the promise for fans from all four corners of the globe is an utterly unique live experience.

Don’t miss their performance in the Last Arena at the 23rd Dour Festival!

Photo : Alex Solca

(Dour Festival 2011)

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