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FAQ – Environment and eco-actions

30 Years Dour

    FAQ – Environment and eco-actions

    • How to pack in an eco-responsible way?

      Be sure to check the list of allowed (and forbidden!) things to bring to the festival. That way you can minimise the number of objects your taking.

      Be sure to check with your friends beforehand. That way you won’t have double or triple stuff. Try to avoid to bring a lot of plastic forks and knives. One of you can do the dishes, if you bring reusable forks and/or knives.

      Be sure to check the allowed objects on our website (campings, festival), that way you won’t produce any unneeded waste.

    • How to minimise pollution on your way to the festival?

      In order to keep our carbon footprint at an average level during the festival, Dour Festival puts in place a number of initiatives:
      • A Carpooling platform
      • Free shuttle from the St. Ghislain railway station
      • Discount on your trainticket with SNCB/NMBS
      • Over 60 bus trips when you come from abroad (France, Luxembourg, Swiss, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands)

      For the athletes among you: our bike parking awaits!

    • I have an electric car, can I charge it?

      Good news! We have six chargers, fueled by solar panels, waiting for you!

    • How can I act as eco-responsible as possible?

      On the camping site:

      Recyle by respecting our recycling guidelines.
      You can also use our eco-changes:
      ➢ 40 cups OR 1 30L bag Plastic/Metal OR 1 60L bag general waste = 1 DRINK ticket

      When packing, try to use reusable stuff for your meals (tupperware, …). Use a lamp with dynamo, no need for batteries.

      There is a cooking island at your disposal.

      At the end of the festival, leave your camping spot the way you found it. You can drop your camping gear at the eco-changes. We’ll make sure it’ll find a new owner. As a reward, we offer you a free breakfast.

      On the festival site:

      Respect the area and throw your waste in the bins.

      You’ll also find eco-changes at the festival area:
      ➢ 40 cups OR 1 30L bag plastic/metal = 1 DRINK ticket or an activity in our Relax Zone.

      For your cigarette buds: we’re distributing free pocket ashtrays.

    • What to eat and/ or drink?

      Coffee in all bars is fair trade.

      Various food stands offer local products, veggie or vegan meals.
      Smoothies, falafel, salad, waffles, … feeling hungry already?

    • What to do with my waste, and what does the festival do to help me handle it?

      235 000 festival goers, that produces tons of waste. To minimise the impact, we offer:

      A team of wonderful volunteers, the Green Cross, that keeps the festival area clean and informs the audience concerning waste management. They also have free waste bags.

      Numerous garbage bins are available at the festival area. We’ve improved signalisation, for more efficient sorting.

      We gather plastic corks, it helps an organisation for disabled persons to buy very useful gear.

    • Where to put my cigarette buds?

      It takes about 2 years for nature to digest a cigarette bud. Therefore we (in collaboration with DEMO and Festival Wallonie#Demain) offer portable ashtrays, so you don’t have to throw them away on the Plaine de la Machine à Feu.

    • How to be solidary and help others?

      Dour Festival thinks that everyone should have access to music, that’s why we offer tickets via Article 27.

      We also try to make the festival accesible for people with reduced mobility, by putting in place various structure, like platforms, an adapted camping, and everything to enjoy the concerts in the best way possible. Info

      We also install a ring line at the Last Arena, so everyone can enjoy the show.

      +/- 10 organisations are present at the NGO-village, presenting themselves to the audience. They want to inform the public about the problems of the world today.