Dour Festival


  • What about sanitary on the festival site?

    There are a lot of toilets on the festival site and the camping sites. There are water points at the toilet exits, so you can wash your hands and refresh yourself.

  • Can I leave the festival and come back later?

    Off course! With your wristband you can leave and enter the festival at any given moment.

  • Can I hand out flyers and promotional posters?

    For environmental protection reasons, the distribution of leaflets and promotional posters is forbidden on the festival site. If you want your posters to be hang up on the festival site, please contact Virus Promotion.

  • Are there food and beverages available at the festival and camping?

    Refreshment booths are of course available at the Festival site and in the campgrounds. A large choice of food is available, from typical dishes to classic snacks. Remember to bring enough money if you wish to eat your fill.

    Soft drinks are allowed at the Festival site (without bottle caps). Alcohol is prohibited. You may request a large bottle of water (1.5L) for the price of a DRINK ticket.

    Dour Festival supports the Respect16 campaign of the Belgian Brewers. All info:

  • Where can I find medical assistance on the site?

    The Red Cross will help you with every kind of medical problem. Their tents will be spread all over the festival site and their team will look after you around the clock.

  • Can you withdraw money at the festival?

    No charge ING ATMs are located at the entrance of the festival. It is also possible to withdraw cash on the festival site from hostesses, however, it will then cost you a 1€ additional fee.

  • Is there a prevention booth at the festival?

    Numerous and varied services are offered to you around aspects concerning hygiene, health, safety such as free distribution of ear plugs, presence of fire brigades and police on the site, free use of toilets, and many others !

    Modus Vivendi association, Spiritek and the Service of Prevention of the City of Mons, will propose in particular :

    • Information and advice on harm reduction
    • Distribution of brochures and prevention material
    • A ” Relax Zone” (a calm space offered to people worried about their product intake and where they will find comfort and be heard by a professional ear)
    • A mobile team on site

    Whatever your expectancies and your choices, take care of yourself and your friends!

    More information on:

  • Is there a parking spot for people with reduced mobility?

    There is a parking for people with reduced mobility, which you can enter with a valid card for disabled persons. You don’t need to make reservations beforehand.

  • What should I do if I loose/ find an item?

    Lost and found is located on site at the info stand, as well as in the police container located at the entrance. After the festival all unclaimed items will be turned over to the Dour police.

  • Is there a minimum age to enter the festival?

    Dour Festival has no minimum age requirement, but the Festival does not have suitable accommodations for young children. The Festival is free for children under 12 years old (not including 12-year-olds). Please note that it is not a good idea for very young children to stay on the site for several days.

  • What’s prohibited at the festival?

    Strictly forbidden at the festival: illegal substances, sharp objects – also blunt or dangerous, weapons, fireworks, bengal fire, (gas-)burners, (tin) cans, glass bottles and other objects, chairs (even foldable), big bags, laser pointers, megaphones, audio-amplifiers, animals.
    It’s forbidden to take alcohol with you on the festival site. Only opened bottles with soft drink are accepted. Out of respect for the environment, it is forbidden to distribute flyers or other promotional materials.
  • Festivalgoers Services

    Every year, our partners allow the Festival-goers to take advantage of a lot of extra benefits: sunscreen, T-shirts, hats or other head-coverings, mirrors, prevention materials, etc. It is also possible to charge your cell phone at several Proximus stands.

  • Is there a parking spot?

    Parking is available close to the site and is free of charge!

    Warning: trailers are not allowed at the parking areas.

    Warning: For safety reasons you will not be allowed to leave the parking area with your vehicle before 6:00 pm on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 July!