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Eating & Drinking

30 Years Dour

Our Food and Drink tickets, also available in presale, serve as currency at the various stands.



Although we love Belgian Food, you’ll find much more than fries at Dour Festival.
To satisfy the most demanding stomachs, you’ll find dishes that taste like the sun (falafels, paëlla, pita, woks, pastas,…), smoothies, fruit, different breakfast formulas, burgers, ice cream, pancakes and much more.


Yes! You’ll find possibilities to eat veggie, vegan or gluten free. Just look a little bit around and you’ll find everything you wish.
And for the Belgian Food Lovers: the Andalusian sauce awaits you!



BAR: Water, soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee and of course beer await you on the festival site as well as the different camping sites.
THE ROOF: Is beer not really your thing? “Rise up” and join us at the Roof for a delicious cocktail.
SPECIAL BEER: Some specific stands offer you real gems: like for example special beers! Perfect to enrich your Belgian culture.


You can exchange a Drink token for a bottle of 0.5l of water.
Because it is essential for you to hydrate yourself (and especially in hot weather) we provide 1.5l bottles on the campsites.
According to the Belgian Law it is prohibited to serve alcoholic beverages to people under the age of 16. In addition, all distilled drinks containing at least 1.2% alcohol (e.g. cocktail,…) are only available for people at least 18 years old.


Cooking Islands

You’ll find two Cooking Islands at the Camping where you’ll be able to cook your small dishes. It’s one big cozy area where you can make new friends and share your gastronomic creations. You’ll have heating plates, microwaves and water boilers at your disposal. There is no cooking equipment nor pots and pans available.

Please consult the list of prohibited items:

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