Dour Festival 2017

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Ever since Dour Festival started in 1989 until now, it kept on evolving and innovating with a central goal: return the Plaine de la Machine à Feu the way we found it.

This year, the Green Cross by 3D asbl has broadened their actions, by associating with Festival Wallonie#Demain and the European DEMO project.

But our actions would be rather meaningless, if we would not have your help, dear festival guest.

Become eco-responsible, just as the festival, by following these guidelines.


Your trip to the festival

  • a bike parking
  • 6 chargers for electric cars, fueled by solar power.
  • A carpooling platform
  • Free shuttle from the St. Ghislain railway station
  • Discount on your trainticket with SNCB/NMBS
  • Over 60 bus trips when you come from abroad (France, Luxembourg, Swiss, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands)


At the festival and camping areas

Numerous garbage bins are available at the festival area. We’ve improved signalisation, for more efficient sorting.
If you have any doubt or a question about sorting, don’t hesitate to ask one of our Green Cross-volunteers.

All of our cups are recycled. You can help us doing this by taking yours to the eco-changes.

  • At the festival: 3 eco-changes
    40 cups OR 1 30L bag plastic/metal = 1 DRINK ticket or an activity in our Relax Zone.
  • At the camping: 4 eco-changes
    40 cups OR 1 30L bag Plastic/Metal OR 1 60L bag general waste = 1 DRINK ticket

Some useful information:

You can get a free breakfast at the camping area on monday morning in exchange for your (working) camping equipment. It helps an organisation for homeless people.

Coffee is bio and fairtrade all over the festival and camping area.

Various food stands offer local products, veggie and vegan.

It takes about 2 years for nature to digest a cigarette bud. Therefore we (offer portable ashtrays, so you don’t have to throw them away.

Pack a dynamo flashlight, no use for batteries.
Choose products that don’t leave any waste; like solid soap: compact and better for the environment.

Be sure to check the list of allowed (and forbidden!) things to bring to the festival, and check with your friends. That way you can minimise the number of objects your taking. Campings / Festival

Dour Festival thinks that everyone should have access to music, that’s why we offer tickets via Article 27.
We also try to make the festival accesible for people with reduced mobility, by putting in place various structure, like platforms, an adapted camping, and everything to enjoy the concerts in the best way possible.
We also install a ring line at the Last Arena, so everyone can enjoy the show.


The Green Camping

You’re already a convincend eco-festivalgoer? Dour Festival created a place with 100% love, and 0% waste to put your tent.
But be aware, not everybody can be a Green Camper! You first have to subscribe to our rules… when you don’t respect these rules, you can be expelled!