Dour Festival 2017

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Take care!

We love you

Whether it’s your first time at the festival, or your 29th, you’d better prepare your stay! During 5 days, you will party, meet new people, discover new things – create memories for the rest of your life.

The Dour Festival crew, along with an army of professionals, will take care of you. But don’t forget to take care of yourself and your friends!



Belgian law also applies to the festival area. Drinking & driving, consumption & dealing of illegal substances and any other infringement, are strictly prohibited.
Police will be permanently at the festival area, as well as all other services to look after you, and keep you and your friends safe and sound.

Various health promotion services will be available to help you take care of yourself while fully enjoying the festival.

Modus Vivendi, Spiritek and Prevention Services of Mons are offering:

  • Information and advice for harm reduction related to the use of alcohol and other drugs. Available on the displays at the entrance of the site (village associations) and the external path of the campsites;
  • Relax Zone” at the C campsite entrance (a place that offers peace and quiet and where professionals will help you if distressed following the acquisition and use of a product);
  • A mobile team on the grounds of the Festival;

More info from: /

You can also find the following at the festival site:

  • Blox Hearing protection which you can find for free at the Win for Life booth. Supreme quality ear plugs will also be on sale at the Enthion / Tabacco stand
  • Condoms at the different NGO-booths
  • Prevention-booth at the NGO-village (safety, health, …)

No alcoholic beverages can be sold to minors (-16).

You can find all practical information regarding the preparation for the festival here:

    FAQ – Take Care !

    • Where can I find medical assistance on the site?

      The Red Cross will help you with every kind of medical problem. Their tents will be spread all over the festival site and their team will look after you around the clock.

    • Is there a prevention booth at the festival?

      Numerous and varied services are offered to you around aspects concerning hygiene, health, safety such as free distribution of ear plugs, presence of fire brigades and police on the site, free use of toilets, and many others !


      More information on

      The Dour Festival crew, along with an army of professionals, will take care of you. But don’t forget to take care of yourself and your friends! We love you.

    • (FR) Quels sont les bons conseils de prévention ?

      (FR) En tant que « Bon Festivalier », il est important de prendre ses précautions pour préserver sa santé et pouvoir faire la fête jusqu’au bout de la nuit/semaine en toute sécurité : veille sur tes amis ! Restez attentif à leur état et informez-vous les uns les autres si vous vous séparez.

      Prépare ton festival et équipe-toi habilement :
      • de crème solaire (pour ne pas cuire littéralement),
      • de bouchons d’oreilles – BLOX en met à disposition gratuitement sur le stand Win for Life. Des bouchons de qualité supérieure seront également en vente au stand Scream Shop.
      • de K-potes (en cas de très bonne rencontre) – disponibles sur différents stands du village ONG
      • le Camping ferme ses portes lundi à midi, prenez un peu de repos avant de reprendre la route !
      • BOIS DE L’EAU !

      La déshydratation est souvent la cause de nombreux malaises. Ecoute ton corps ! Fixe-toi des limites de nombre de verres, rafraichis-toi et prévois aussi un repas nourrissant avant de sortir.

    • Is there a parking spot for people with reduced mobility?

      There is a parking for people with reduced mobility, which you can enter easily with a valid card for disabled persons. You don’t need to make reservations beforehand.