Dour Festival

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FAQ – Accommodation

  • Safety

    Please follow the instruction of our security staff at all time. For safety reasons – especially in case of fire – tents must be placed inside the camping zones. Tents that are placed on roads and emergency-roads, will be removed immediately.

    Open fire, barbecues, generators and heating elements are strictly forbidden at the camp site. There are “cooking islands” available at every bar of every camp site. You can prepare your meal over there.

    We do everything we can to prohibit accidents and / or theft. Despite this, camping is your sole responsibility and the organisation has no liability whatsoever in case of an accident and/or theft.

    To avoid theft, please keep your valuable objects (money, cell phone, …) with you at all time.

    If you see suspicious behaviour, please be cooperative and speak to a security guard. There is a 24h police service at the entrance of the festival.

  • Mobil homes / Camping Cars

    For security reasons and in concordance with the security service’s instructions, mobile homes are not accepted any longer in the campsite. During the 2004 and 2005 festivals we received a very negative evaluation of this zone by the authorithies, in terms of security. We advise you to find other options.

  • On Dour campsite, I can/can't... ?

    The festival takes place on meadows which are home to Dour’s cows. This means that no glass and no cans are admitted.

    Campers can’t trade. Selling food, drinks or anything else is strictly forbidden, no matter how good your business plan is.

    On the campsite, you will be able to find food and drinks of course.

    Loud music is forbidden. Surely there’s enough music playing elsewhere?!

    It is forbidden to bring your dog or any other pet. Any pet found on the campsite will be taken by the pound to the owner’s expense.

    What can I bring on the campsite ?

    Food cans YES
    Plastic bottles YES
    A sandwich YES
    A can/tin opener YES
    A very little knife YES
    A little camping stove YES However, we recommend you to use the cooking islands to heat any food.
    A guitar/djembé/other little instruments YES But, songs about your ex-girlfriend are not permitted.
    That summer feeling YES
    A big knife NO
    Metal cans NO
    Glass bottles or cans NO
    A big camping stove with a big gas cylinder NO
    A barbecue NO
    A generator NO
    An axe NO
    Loud music NO
    The Christmas spirit NO

  • Barbecue

    As every year since 2003, the Jeunes CSC will be on site with their now unmissable ‘Cooking Islands’

    On the menu this year:

    • The traditional BBQs and microwaves, offering the possibility to heat your food in the festival atmosphere and entirely free.

    The Jeunes CSC team will be ready for you on campsites A, B, C and D next to the bars. Come and spend a festive moment with them!

    More information on Jeunes CSC

    Little camping stoves are admitted and approved by firemen, except if the weather is really dry, but we recommend you use the cooking islands anyway. Any flame is potentially dangerous. Domestic gas cylinders are forbidden.