24 new names for Dour Festival 2022!

Niska and Laylow join Angèle and Flume as headliners of Dour Festival 2022, as well as these 22 other artists have been announced today!


If you only knew how much we are looking forward (so much!) to this reunion! Especially after having launched an official countdown and having announced a 2022 XXL edition!  Its motto is now more than ever, LET’S PARTY( and a lot of love of course). We will celebrate the start of Dour CampFest, a brand new event that will be held from Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th July. It takes place before the opening of Dour Festival, which is from Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th July. Next summer, we are offering you not just 5 days but a whole week of PARTY and love in Dour, for our reunion during a session of anthology! 


Before everyone takes a little end-of-year break, we wanted to drop some extra gifts for you under the tree, starting with Niska, who has now become the musical symbol of an entire generation. Next up is Laylow, the most digitally literate rapper who has just released one of the most atypical albums of French rap. 

Niska and Laylow will set foot on the festival’s stage for the very first time, and have both chosen Dour Festival as their only Belgian summer appearance. They join Angèle and Flume, who were already announced last month as participants! 


The strange and brilliant Poupie who cruises between trap, reggae, pop, Chilla and is one of the main voices of French-speaking R’n’B and phenomenon Gazo will also be celebrating their first appearance at Dour Festival. For the black yellow and red theme, we’ll be hearing one of our favourite rappers from Brussels, Peet, who talks about his life in a touching album called “Mignon”. 


The PARTY at Dour Festival will also have some techno sounds, and you will need to hold on tight to listen to the prodigious u.r.trax, the queen of the French techno, to I Hate Models during the live performance of the Italian duo 999999999 which will not go below 130 bpm, as well as the dark and industrial techno beats by Dax J, the fast techno and hard trance highway by Trym and lastly, the set by one of the best representatives of the French rave scene AIROD.


“It’s Good to be Back” could be the hymn of our reunion, but instead, it is the title of the last hit by our darling Englishmen, Metronomy, who will play in The Little House on the Prairie, as will the the soulful Londoner Greentea Peng, the Danish  Erika de Casier with her 90’s R’n’B, Yves Tumor & Its Band with its lobotomizing sound experiences, Floating Points with his light electronica layered with jazz chords, and finally Mezerg and man-orchestra 3.0.


To finish, we are ending this new round of announcements (we still have more than 200 names to reveal, not to mention the DourCampFest program, honestly you aren’t ready 🔥🤯) with intense PARTY, with jungle drum & bass sets by Mandidextrous featuring My Bad Sister, the UK garage and jungle electro Londoner Anz, the second-degree techno G-house from Australia, Partiboi69, the unique and crazy show by Vladimir Cauchemar, as well as drum and bass pioneers Dj Hype and Randall in b2b and the screaming old school jungle drum and bass by Kings of the Rollers, accompanied by MC Inja


Keep in touch for new announcements very soon. Until then take care of yourself, sleep in, recharge your batteries to get ready for the crazy week that we are preparing for you from July 11th to July 17th at Dour CampFest and Dour Festival


☝ Tickets for Dour Festival, Dour CampFest and the Dour XXL package, which includes both events, are available at an early-bird rate until December 31, 2021 included. 

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