Dour Festival 2023

Andy C, Hedex and Malaa at #dour2023: drum and bass and dubstep make their comeback in the Balzaal Stage on Thursday!

Andy C, Hedex and Malaa: the bass music lineup for the Dour Festival is growing little by little! Drum and bass and dubstep make their comeback in the Balzaal Stage on Thursday!


Get ready for BPM aplenty with the top artists in the genre! See you from 12 to 16 July at Doureuuuh, in the heart of summer for 5 days of carefree celebration and love to celebrate the best of communities coming together💖! 


Head for the Balzaal – the festival’s biggest dancefloor – to celebrate the return of English drum and bass act Andy C for a ride at 174 BPM, then make a smooth turn towards the Boombox to find the most famous hooded man in bass music: Malaa, who’s collaborated with DJ Snake, Tchami, Skrillex and Diplo. After a pit stop, back to the Balzaal to finish the circuit alongside Hedex, straight from the other side of the canal, who’s exploded onto the drum and bass scene worldwide. His fresh take on heavy bass and his euphoric melodies create a touring show that’s not only unique but also totally exclusive. He will perform at Dour Festival featuring MC Skywalker.


Vroooooom, vroooooom, vrooooooooooom towards the fast and deep bass that will make our bodies vibrate! 

Andy C, Hedex feat. MC Skywalker and Malaa join Rezz and Bru-C for a bass music lineup that’s far from complete.

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