Aba Shanti vs The Disciples



For the first time at Dour, a soundclash at the very top between two prestigious and legendary names of UK dub/roots. Aba Shanti and The Disciples are on a par with Jah Shaka as some of the pioneers of UK dub and they are venerated the world over by multiple generations of dubwisers. The dubstep scene, for example that has recently emerged, for example, owes massive amounts to these two dub masters, who will be accompanied by Emmanuel Joseph (for Aba Shanti) and Jonah Dan of Alpha & Omega/Bush Chemists (for The Disciples). This is to be a 'sound clash' that will put the dubplates and surcharged bass at centre stage and make the walls of Babylon crumble! Without doubt, Jah will be in the 'Petite Maison Dans La Prairie'.



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