Dour Festival 2023


BEL (Bruxelles)

The Brussels hardcore group Arkangel is probably one of the most influential on the European hardcore scene. Forming in 1997 under the guidance of Namur, who later left the group, Arkangel now consist of of Baldur (vocals), Kirby (guitar), Vincent (bass) and David (drums). They released their first EP in 1998 entitled Prayers Upon Deaf Ears, subsequently releasing the long player Dead Man Walking in 1999. The group had a rapid ascent at the very centre of the hardcore world. In 2008 they released their most recent, very praiseworthy album Arkangel Is Your Enemy, which contained surprises round every bend of every track. This will be their fourth appearance at Dour.


  • hardcore
  • metalcore
  • metal
  • death metal
  • belgian
  • metalcore