Dour Festival 2023
Avalanche Kaito

Avalanche Kaito

BEL (Bruxelles)

In 2018, a Burkinabe griot meets the Brussels noise punk duo Le jour du seigneur. Kaito Winse comes from a tradition of a griot family - a griot being a West African storyteller, musician and oral historian. The trio creates a crazy universe with an incredible postmodern groove. All three of them are in their own way guardians of tradition and they share a curiosity about all combinations and the desire to reinvent. They are ready to follow the backwater where it will move according to climate changes. It's a world of movement and too bad for those who are afraid. Their full album will be released in June 2022. In the meantime, they have unveiled a part of it with an EP named "Dabalomuni".


  • griot
  • afrobeat fusion
  • african trance
  • traditional


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