Happy Earthday AV

ISL (Reykjavik)


Bjarki Runar Sigurdarson, Reykjavik's superstar DJ, who was acclaimed by the mainstream for his hit "I Wanna Go Bang" four years ago, has since then turned his back on the bangers (but not the IDM) to broaden his repertoire as a producer. A protégé of Nina Kraviz, founder of his own company (bbbbbb Records), he is currently the subject of many invitations but he nevertheless remains selective. Recently, he stated: "I refused Berghain and Boiler Room. For me, the party is a spontaneous thing". Dour seems to be the right place for the desires of the Icelander.


  • techno
  • hardtech
  • electro
  • iceland
  • bbbbbb / á´›ñ€ð¸ð¿
  • float house


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