Andrew Brooks was born in the musically vibrant year of 1979. A childhood of Top of the Pops, and rummaging through his Dads, as Brooks puts it, “really gay” record collection both helped shape his musical future. He’d later plunder that collection for his early musical experiments, sampling Barbara Streisand and placing her within his own world of strange beats. You wouldn’t find Brooks listening with his school friends to Grunge compilations. Instead it was the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Grace Jones and all points between Eno and E-Dancer that shaped his musical mind. As a teenager he met the Nottingham DiY collective through the Midlands free party scene. Each summer weekend he fed his parents that classic lie of going to stay at a friends house and would get a lift with his older brother to wherever the party was, staying one step ahead of the boys in blue. Brooks gained much more from these parties than dirty sneakers and a comedown however. Andrew was brimming with musical ideas, which were to soon find an outlet.


  • electronic
  • techno
  • electronica
  • chillout
  • indie
  • klickklack


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