Breakestra & Chali 2na

USA (Los Angeles)


Charlie Stewart Jr., known as Chali 2na, is the inimitable American rapper and hip-hop artist from the old-skool group Jurassic 5 as well as Ozomatli. Chali 2na released his first solo effort in his 15 year career this year. As for Breakesta, this is a funkstar whose art was perfected under the guidance of Miles Tackett, an art demonstrated in the 1999 single ‘Getcho Soul Togetha’ and the 2000 album ‘The Live Mix Part 2’. Breakestra takes his lead from the grand masters of funk in original compositions, and his European tour with Chali 2na this summer, coming via Dour, is not to be missed.


  • hip-hop
  • modern funk
  • ubiquity
  • hip hop
  • breaks
  • soul


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