Dour Festival 2023
Clap! Clap!

Clap! Clap!


Clap! Clap! is a new project by the italian producer C. Crisci, focused on research and sampling of tribes, bands and singers originating from the African continent. Its strong personality is characterised by the work on the used samples, extremely eclectic and as percussive as possible. His distinguishing technique is to reproduce classic African rhythms in a contemporary way, through the use of drum machines and synths. The keywords of this experience are ‘future roots’ and ‘future rhythm’. Clap! Clap! is trying to convey a continuous dance that is febrile, tribal and hyperkinetic, but always balanced by the elegance and the essentiality of the elements used.


  • beats
  • electronic
  • trap
  • juke
  • post-juke
  • indie jazz