Dour Festival 2023

Crystal Distortion

Crystal Distortion is about change: The transformation of energy from one state to another akin to ancient healing methods involving minerals, but re produced in a modern environment using 'silicon processor' technology to re -balance the human 'psyche'. What better way to achieve this than through music and dance?

“The Outside Agency” is the alias Dutch drum & bass DJ/producers Hidden & Eye-D use for their hardcore projects. The fact that they have been involved in both hardcore and drum & bass for many years has resulted into a unique blend of styles. Their style can best be described as very hard, dark and energetic… regardless of the genre. If you’re looking for the perfect team to take you from drum & bass into hardcore and back, this is it.
File under: hardtek


  • breakbeat
  • hardtek
  • techno
  • tribe
  • tekno
  • freetekno


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