Death Before Dishonor

USA (Boston)


More than 5 years were required for Death Before Dishonour to demonstrate their force in the hardcore, punk and metal arena. Those who doubted had no other chice but to acknowledge their work and its high level. Their first EP, Family Friends Forever, brought them seven awards. Faced with an ever increasing success, they were forced to make a reedit of the EP to satisfy the demand. Their achievements were equally recognised by the press “it is impossible to resist when faced with their level of intensity”. In 2008 Death Before Dishonour went on a world tour, and this year looks to be one of the most jam-packed for the group as they show no sign of fatigue on the home straight to Dour.


  • hardcore punk
  • beatdown hardcore
  • boston
  • metalcore
  • boston hardcore
  • beatdown


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