Edouard van Praet

Edouard van Praet

BEL (Bruxelles)
Sunday July 17th, 2022

La Petite Maison dans la Prairie • 14:30-15:15


Edouard van Praet unveiled his first indie rock EP, "Doors", in 2021. The result of introspection, various neuroses and psychoses, this first EP, produced entirely by himself, was a tribute to the ballads of Leonard Cohen, the kitsch top hits of the Beatles and to the psychedelic universe of the 60s – all with a touch of dandy humour and self-deprecation. "Doors" featured various characters facing their existential crises in a solitude that was sometimes consoling, sometimes chilling. The next stage will bring this solitude into contact with the outside world and all that this implies: oppositions, conflicts, peaceful fusions... He now surrounds himself with equally neurotic musicians for his concerts. An electric, insane energy, a plural alternative pop-rock universe. The rappers hate him. He adores them.

Presented by GoGoGo! asbl, About It and Court-Circuit.


  • belgian rock
  • indie
  • indie rock
  • indie folk
  • alternative


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