Fagget Fairys

DNK (Copenhague)


Danish duo Fagget Fairys (whose Facebook page was deleted thanks to their provocative name) are DJ Sensimilla & MC Ena. The duo met on the dancefloor after the 20 year old Ena stagedived to try and get Carla Cammilla Hjort's, aka DJ Sensimilla, attention. With that firmly secured, they started dating and are now engaged. They also, not incidentally, make music together, DJ Sensimilla making heavy basslines under electro-techno beats, all for MC Ena’s sweet Balkan flow (she arrived in Denmark as a one year old refugee from Yugoslavia). Their debut album Feed The Horse was produced by Rasmus Bille Bahncke, who has, in the past, worked for Backstreet Boys and Shaznay Lewis. Something of a hot ticket in the electro world, this is not a show to ignore.


  • electro
  • electronica
  • danish
  • grime
  • electronic
  • female vocalists


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