Dour Festival 2023
Flavien Berger

Flavien Berger

FRA (Paris)

A cross between Kraftwerk and the French chanson, Flavien Berger, his synthesisers and drum machines have been lulling us for 10 years now, singing about love, parties and the passing of time. His new album is called "Dans cent ans" (In a hundred years). And even if there is a strong chance that we will not be here in a hundred years, Flavier Berger will be, standing behind his keyboards, with the same voice, the same creativity and the same verb, guiding humanity through its mountains of melancholy. 'Berger' by name, meaning shepherd: a true shepherd, that's Flavian.


  • french song
  • pop
  • electro
  • wave
  • pan european recording
  • electronica