Forma.T All Stars

feat. The Others, Dj Sonar, Surfing Leons, Monsieur Monsieur

BEL (Liège)


Around two humongous discobars, four artists of the Liège collective Forma.T blast out rap, rock and techno, creating a huge mêlée - one big musical melting pot. There are the two Reims guys Monsieur Monsieur, friends of Brodinski and producers of several EPs and remixes in the style of Turbo records, Sound Pelligrino or Mad Decent. Then there are the two Surfing Leons, regulars of Forma.T and producers of several notable remixes over the past couple of years, most significantly for Morcheeba and Pony Pony Run Run. The two headcases of The Others, the founders of the Liege Is Burning Down collective, will also be present for the first time at Dour with their record collection of the finest electro cuts. Finally, the impossible to ignore Mix Master Sonar, a veteran of the hip-hop scene (and of the wider Belgian urban scene) will bring his ghetto mix to this new concoction that goes by the name of Forma.T.



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