Fucked Up

CAN (Totonto)


Formed at the start of the 21st century, Fucked Up, a unique group in the punk/harcore scene produce rich, epic, inventive songs with devastating choruses. They are three guitars, monster production, an enviably rich collection of samples and superb indie melodies in utter contrast to the rough tones of the vocals, produced by Pink Eyes. Forget punk, hardcore, rock, punk rock – Fucked Up, as their name implies, can be described as nothing so concrete. 2010 saw the release of a double album of singles, B-sides and delos ranging from 2002 to today. Their music will leave no-one on La Plaine de la Machine à Feu indifferent this summer.


  • progressive hardcore
  • shoegaze
  • hardcore-punk
  • rock
  • experimental
  • punk rock


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