Help She Can't Swim


Help She Can't Swim are Leesey Haines (vocals, keyboards), Tom Denney (vocals, guitar), Tom Baker (guitar), Tim Pauler (bass) and Lew Baker (drums). The band formed after having a picnic in Leesey's garden, consisting of cheese rolls, wine and Belle and Sebastian. Tom and Tom then went inside to play guitars while Leesey and Tim sat in the garden smoking and giggling. Eventually they started having proper practises and got Lewis in on drums because he looked better and played better than the drum beats on Leesey's keyboard. "We want to make noise and dance. We are bored of where we live and the rubbish music that everyone around us seems to enjoy. " This indie band, located in Southampton, recorded its over-energetic 24 min. album"Fashionista Super Dance Troupe" in only 2 weeks.


  • indie
  • indie rock
  • british
  • alternative
  • female vocalists
  • rock


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