Hermanos Inglesos


Don't try to put a label on Hermanos Inglesos. They are both chameleons without being seduced by every colour of the rainbow. They act instinctively, it has to feel right. Didier ( Dietch) and Cédric both started to get interested in music and playing records at the age of 10. As Cédric was too young to go out, Dietch had his own small career in between 1992 and 2000. They started playing together in 2001 and they had their first big performance in the actual formation at Laundry day 2003. The most important thing for them is that people feel good and get the right songs at the right time. And so they want to surprise the audience both with progressive, experimental material as with eighties-whatever songs.


  • nuelectro
  • house
  • electro
  • pukkelpop 2008
  • seen live


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