High & Irie Soundsystem

BEL (Louvain-La-Neuve)


High 'n' Irie Sound System are a collective of about 10 artists based in Louvain-La-Neuve in Belgium, whose primary objective is the promotion and publicising of music in all its forms. Active for two years on the underground music scene in LLN thanks to various other DJs such as Kannaka, T-80, Pneumotracks, Den&Bass and Badstarz, High 'n' Irie Sound took over the 'Free Noiz Parties' initiative in LLN, something which had been going for around 10 years previously, and which collected amateur alternative electronic musicians in the region. Currently the collective are starting constructing a trasitionally British sound system and will, in the next few months, unveil their dub/dubstep/d&b project on the LLN music scene. Coming for the first time to Dour, the crew will bring 3 DJs and an MC. For all lovers of reggae/dub/electronica/dubstep/d&b/jungle...well you get the message - for everyone who loves some heavy bass, this is for you.


  • indie
  • madchester
  • under 2000 listeners
  • rock
  • britpop
  • 90s


Other artists this year

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