DEU (Berlin)


Housemeister never sleeps. Playing everywhere and every weekend ever since '97, the legendary DJ has cultivated his own brand of rave around the world: relentless, hardcore, dirty dancefloor ecstasy. Hands in the air, booties bouncing: techno in its total beauty. 4 releases on Ellen Alien's BPitch Control, a killer debut album "Enlarge your Dose" on Boysnoize Records; 10 tracks and his legendary second album "Who is that Noize?" on his own label allyoucanbeat; several more BNR maxis and the march 2011 release of full-length madness "Shizzo", produced with BoysNoize himself, have certainly kicked Housemeister on top of the pile of world class hellraisers. His third album "Music is Awesome" (May 2011) was released on BNR.


  • electronic
  • techno
  • electro
  • german
  • berlin
  • bpitch control


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