Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

USA (Chicago)


Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are 8 brothers from Chicago. An incredibly musically talented family, their mothers are singers and their father had a seminal role with Sun Ra during his time in Chicago. From an early age the brothers were a central part of their father's Youth Ensemble, though a passion for early hip-hop led them to form their first group, Gangsters With A Curfew, which has since morphed into Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. They have, since moving to NYC, performed with Mos Def, Blur and Erykah Badu, slowly making a name for themselves as one of the hottest groups around. They recently appeared on Gorillaz’s Plastic Beach album and their Heritage EP was released this year.


  • jazz
  • funk
  • brass
  • free jazz
  • beats
  • instrumental


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