Dour Festival 2023

Inna de Yard All Stars

feat. Earl "Chinna" Smith, Clinton "The Gladiators" Fearon, Kiddus I, Matthew McAnuff, Derajah , Alphonso Craig


Inna de Yard is a series of compilations released by the Makasound label. The project's aim is to return to the acoustic roots of reggae, where folk and blues collided and flowed from the yards of Jamaica. Inna De Yard All Stars is the live collaboration of all the big names in reggae who created this collection: Earl "Chinna" Smith, Cedric "Congo" Myton, Kiddus I, Matthew McAnuff, Derajah and Alphonso Craig. Clinton Fearon of Gladiators has also been added to their number.


  • roots
  • reggae


Other artists this year

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