Dour Festival 2023


DEU (Berlin)

We could say that K.ZIA was made for the stage and the music! Bathed since a very young age in the artistic world thanks to both her mother, the renowned artist Zap Mama who is an inspiration for her, and her father who works in the world of entertainment and circus and with whom she has already performed on stage. In short, with this experience, she embarked on her own career as a singer-songwriter for a few years and since her first EP “RED” (2018), she has been invited to play in concert halls around the world. Her music is a sweet mix of alternative R&B, soul, trap and afrobeat – bringing together genres, cultures, celebrating love, and creating a space where everyone feels free! "Genesis", her latest album, is proof of this!


  • r&b
  • soul
  • indie r&b


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