Kiosk Radio

Kiosk Radio

feat. Rrita Jashari (17-18) / Cheb Runner (18-19) / The Revolving Eyes (20-21) / Gouren (21-22) / & surprises

BEL (Brussels)


A wooden shack in the heart of Brussels’ historic “Parc Royal”, Kiosk Radio is first and foremost a community of music lovers. Some of the finest DJs, labels and collectives from Brussels (and beyond) gather here every afternoon to livestream and share their music to the world.

Sun. (17h - 23h)
17-18h: Rrita Jashari
18-19h: Cheb Runner
19-20h: SURPRISE
20-21h: The Revolving Eyes
21-22h: Gouren
22-23h: SURPRISE


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  • bruxelles


Other artists this year

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