Dour Festival 2023

La DK Danse

BEL (Mons)

An experimental hybrid somewhere between drum & bass, rock, hip-hop and dub, La DK Danse mix technology with instruments to produce energetic sounds mixed with a psychedelic atmosphere. The band is constantly looking for new tones, new mediums and new means of expression. Electronic percussionists on stage, the five members of La DK Danse play sound and video simultaneously, improvising their compositions of tunes and pictures, lending new dimensions to their music. La DK Danse have played with famous bands such as X-Makeena, Interlope, High Tone, Improvisators Dub, Kaly live dub, Percubaba and la Ruda. They are currently working on their second, self-produced EP.


  • rock
  • electronic
  • drum and bass
  • dub
  • belgian
  • hip-hop