Les Sales Majestés

FRA (Ile-de-France)


Les Sales Majestés, proud representatives of 90s punk in this 21st century of ours, first released an album in 1995 and two years later returned with No Problemo. In 2000, their third album Y’a Pas D’amour was released. In terms of their line-up, it's a fairly classic affair: vocals come from Arno Future, guitars from Yves and Yann and bass from Vlad, while on drums is Mathias. If between 2002 and today, their break has been lengthy, political and economic circumstances have convened to now give them the impetus to plug their in their guitars once more. As a result they have a new album Sois Pauvre Et Tais-Toi.


  • punk
  • punk rock
  • french
  • punk francais
  • anarchist


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