FRA (Rennes)
Saturday July 18th, 2020


An exuberant character with debilitating lyrics embodied by Jérémie Serrandour (Festival), self-proclaimed Emperor of the Dirty and formerly known as Larry Garcia within the Rennes-based collective Columbine, Lorenzo is more than a rapper who never leaves his bob Pikachu. Hyperactive (as attested to by his 3 albums in 3 years) despite his praise of cannabis, Lorenzo knows how to explode the codes, constructing a unique universe based on the 3rd degree and taking us on board with him. After his first visit in 2017, Lorenzo is back at Dour Festival to do some dirty work.


  • hip-hop
  • rap
  • french hip hop
  • pop urbaine
  • rap conscient
  • rap francais


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