Dour Festival 2023


BEL (Bruxelles)

To MEYY , a microphone is a magnifying glass: mobile, reflective and observant. Brussels-born and London-based, the importance of movement and fluidity appear evident in both the 21-year old’s life and music. Hailing from the directions of New Time R&B and progressive pop, her smooth running, and angelic vocals become an echo of the flexibility with which senses can blur and interlace. For MEYY , songwriting begins with an imaginative aesthetic reference which then forms the focus of her ethereal sonic soundscapes. Beginning in the cosy nature of her bedroom, MEYY brings illumination to spaces of intimacy, whether they be cerebral or shared, in the instances of love and desire, forming much of her investigation, to mesmerising audiences on stages as big as SXSW and the Ancienne Belgique. With a background in dance, beautifully displayed in her video for 'Orchids', but also Civic Engineering, MEYY understands the manufacturing of worlds, to create, translate and permit her fans to relish in their own emotions vulnerably yet comfortably. MEYY ’s music is a scandalous lullaby for the nighttime, and a serenade to the emotions which may linger the next day. Accolades continue to pile up with CLASH Magazine describing her EP 'Neon Angel’ as "a body of work that carries the hallmarks of releases like The Weeknd’s ‘House of Balloons’ and FKA twigs early EPs”, GRM Daily stating that "MEYY adopts her unique vocal cadence to flow effortlessly alongside futuristic productions, resulting in music that carries a sound fresh to its own.” and NOTION magazine affirming her steady international rise declaring “the excitingly unpredictable Belgian-born talent is making her mark on the London scene and has truly unique artistic sensibilities”.


  • belgian pop


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