Dour Festival 2023
Manu Le Malin

Manu Le Malin

FRA (Paris)

It's a hattrick for our friend Manu Le Malin. After 2016 and 2017, he is back for a third consecutive year and a hell of a perfomance! For his new passage in Dour, the hardcore figure prepares a cold show with distorted visuals. Orchestrated by the Parisian collective OYÉ, these moving and organic images, true echoes of biomechanical aesthetics, grab the stage and the DJ. They'll transport you together through an engaging and insane immersive experience. Be careful, La Caverne, you will taste the shocks of the Evil One!


  • hardcore
  • heretik
  • industrial
  • techno
  • french techno
  • gabba