Mayer Hawthorne & The County

USA (Los Angeles)


Growing up in the musically rich landscape of Michigan, Mayer Hawthorne became rapidly obsessed with jazz and particularly with soul, absorbing the music of Smokey Robinson, Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield with awe and appreciation. A multi-instrumentalist, Mayer Hawthorne found he could produce music in the same vein, though he does so not without acknowledging the vast spectre of music that soul has since spawned - hip-hop and R&B are, for example, audible in his luscious compositions. His moving falsetto has an affecting and irresistible cadour, evidently perceived by the Stones Throw records boss, who signed him after hearing only two songs. A Strange Arrangement, his debut was released in September 2009.


  • soul
  • neo-soul
  • funk
  • stones throw
  • hip hop
  • american


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