Moesha 13

Moesha 13

FRA (Marseille)


'Create a decolonial and feminist scene', such is the creed of Moesha 13, producer, DJ and rapper from Marseille with a musical identity of a rare hybridity. On collaborations with (Hugo) Douster aka King Doudou and on the stage of the CTM in Berlin or the wonderful Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda, Moesha 13 seems to be everywhere at once and navigates between genres and scenes with disconcerting ease. As an artist selected by the SHAPE platform and with an EP to be issued on the Warriorecords label, 2021 will definitely be the year of Moesha 13.


  • rap
  • french rap
  • deconstructed club
  • electro
  • trap


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