Dour Festival 2023


FRA (Paris)

NOOB may well be the next on a ever extending list of electronic sensations to come out of France. Less electro, more electronica than a lot of recent stuff, the 24 year old producer's sound is a subtle, intelligent mix of rave synths with smooth beats; it is, whatever the case, a further proof of a continuing French creativity in this scene. In the past months NOOB has been creating a constant buzz, as much among the public as among forebearers Tiga, Boys Noize, 2 Many DJs and Erol Alkan. Pinned somewhere between electro, electronica and techno, NOOB's sound is something to be heard.


  • electronic
  • this is noob
  • noobz0r
  • held
  • noob
  • minimal house


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