Rainbow Arabia



The kaleidoscopic music of Danny & Tiffany Preston (aka Rainbow Arabia), is here! With a seamless mix of electronica and various traditional music genres from across the globe, their music fits alongside M.I.A. and High Places in the tropical electronic sound that is currently so exciting. Inspired on their first EP, The Basta EP, by a Lebanese Casio keyboard that they had, their sound was lo-fi, Arabic and pop all at the same time. With high praise, they released the cleaner follow-up Kabukimono and have recently been praised for their remixes, including one for The Field on their EP released on Kompakt. A full length and a 7" is the goal for 2010, with their sound now primarily reflecting the sunnier territories, it easy to see why it will fit so well at Dour.


  • experimental
  • ethnic
  • weird
  • ethnotronica
  • electronic
  • new weird america


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