Romain Philippe

Romain Philippe



Romain Philippe is a video and visual artist, based in Nantes (FR). His passion for music naturally led him to produce musical and experimental videos and then to live performance. VJ resident for Blocaus Paris collective since 2015, he also projected his immersive visuals with Technorama label. These different collaborations led him to work at Rex club, Moulin Rouge Machine, Batofar, Eiffel Docks and George V theater in Paris. Close to different artistic collectives, he works mainly from his own personal video recordings filmed during his travels and urban explorations. It seeks to recreate specific universes in order to immerse the viewer. He particularly likes the contrast between the fast beats of electronic music associated with the slowness of his figurative and contemplative images. He diverts images of nature, fauna and flora, but also architecture, to reveal the graphic beauty of the elements, playing on their different materials, scales and perspectives. He gazes a personal look, creating a mood at the same time soft, hovering, sometimes dark, even post-apocalyptic.


  • VJ
  • Editor
  • Visual Artist


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