NGA (Lagos)
Thursday July 16th, 2020


Santi belongs to the new rapper generation that has allowed the vibrant Nigerian scene to go international. Originally from Lagos, the 26-year-old artiste is one of the leaders of the Alté Cruise scene. Alté Cruise is more than a musical genre: it is a state of mind and the symbol of a whole emancipated pop scene in Nigeria. Recognised for its lo-fi, Afro-pop and dancehall influences, the Santi phenomenon mixes Western sounds with Nollywood aesthetics. The young but already talented rapper unveils a complete artistic trend in his latest album, "Mandy & The Jungle", mixing fashion and music to create the Alté universe, the codes of which are known only to him and his peers.


  • alternative r&b
  • indie r&b
  • nigerian pop
  • uk alternative hip hop


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