Skitsoy is a strange band. Without even having released one record, they already have a whole band history. It all started in 2001. Quite a while after Channel Zero disbanded, former singer Franky Desmet-Vandamme feels it’s way too early for him to abandon music and he comes up with a new project, called Skitsoy. In March 2002 they start playing their songs live all across Belgium. Without realising it, they embark on a 3-year odyssee. They conquered the crowd at lots of festivals and saw their fan base grow bit by bit. But 2 singles that got almost completely ignored, troubles with the label and the replacement of the guitar player, kept pushing back the release of the record. By this time, many had already written off Skitsoy.


  • belgium
  • belgian
  • rock
  • stonerrock
  • belgian music scene
  • scene belge


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