Overly idealistic, outspoken, uncompromising, and frustrated, sole began bumping heads with various indie hip-hop establishments. In response, he released the controversial, hip-hop music for the advanced listener EP as an introduction to the anticon collective. "I had worked too hard to water my shit down just to gain acceptance by people who don't share the same values." So sole left the East Coast hip-hop scene behind and headed west with early anticon pioneer the pedestrian. The rest of the anticon collective soon followed. Within a year anticon, was embarking on its first tours, and releasing bigger and better records. To date, sole has toured the country four times, and sold out shows in Europe, Japan and Australia. As always, he keeps his hopes high, his expectations low, and his back to the wall...?


  • hip-hop
  • anticon
  • underground hip-hop
  • hip hop
  • rap
  • underground hip hop


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