Dour Festival 2023

The Flaming Lips

USA (Oklahoma City)

Indie rock, alternative rock, experimental rock, psychedelic rock…whatever: the Flaming Lips’ music is spontaneous, intuitive and, at times, a little weird. Just look at their concept albums, their film projects, their surreal cover songs and compositions, and, of course, their live shows.

Yes, you cannot mention the Flaming Lips without mentioning their live shows. Elected as one of Q magazine’s ‘50 bands to see before you die’, the Flaming Lips are more than just confetti and costumes: they are a must-see, and watching them close the 24th Dour Festival in their typically spectacular fashion will be the perfect way to tick them off your list.


  • indie
  • alternative
  • rock
  • psychedelic
  • experimental
  • electronic


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