The Futureheads

GBR (Sunderland)


Sunderland indie/punk/rock group The Futureheads have to be, since their storming self-titled debut and that ubiquitous cover of Hounds Of Love (largely, incidentally, credited with the revival of Kate Bush's music in recent years), considered as one of the key groups in the new millenium's revival of sharp indie rock, and all the fashion and culture that went with it. Their Sunderland accents, four-part harmonies, interweaving vocal parts, mathematical guitar lines and rigid live performance marked the blossoming of the obsessive compulsive in the rock world, and paved the way for groups like Arctic Monkeys to recount their localised tales to the wider world. Their fourth album The Chaos is a reassertion of their deserving place in indie history with larger, more distorted riffs, bittersweet lyrics, a darker, more penetrative sound and the compositional complexity of XTC.


  • punk
  • indie pop
  • uk
  • alternative rock
  • post-punk
  • britpop


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