The Glitch Mob

USA (California)


The Glitch Mob gained their name from a ribbing of the press for the name of the music given to the electronica that was at the time appearing from the western coast of the USA – ‘glitch-hop’. As such, they were quickly associated with this scene and the name somehow stuck. The group are effectively four DJs – edIT, Boreta, Kraddy and Ooah – from LA and San Francisco at the beginning of illustrious careers. With various remixes, mixtapes and albums to their names, they have, for two years now, been gaining a hefty reputation. For all those interested in hip-hop, dubstep and hardcore techno, this is something right up your alleyway.


  • underground hip-hop
  • abstract hip-hop
  • electronica
  • breakbeat
  • crunk
  • electronic


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