The Internet

The Internet

USA (Los Angeles)
Saturday July 13th, 2019


Many established names in the international hip hop scene and heavyweights of the music industry originate from the Californian pack of young wolves Odd Future. Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt or Frank Ocean are one by one willing to prove this statement with their Grammy awards or nominations. At the time managing the support acts and the turntables, the little girl in a tomboy outfit Syd Tha Kid was not really getting the attention she deserved. Drenched in talent and flair and supported by her sidekick Matt Martians, now she leads the quintet r’n’b/nu-soul The Internet. Defined by groovy sounds, goosebumps and sexy melodies.


  • Hip Hop Soul
  • Neo Soul
  • Electro
  • Funk
  • Alternative Hip Hop
  • USA LA


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