Dour Festival 2023


MLI (Tessalit)

Tinariwen (‘deserts’, in English) are a group originally from Tessalit, in the north of Mali. Their music is a mix of blues, rock and traditional Tuareg music and, as such, their music has become known as Tuareg blues. The two leaders of the group are Ibrahim ag Alhabib ‘Abraybone’ and Alhousseini ag Abdoulahi ‘Abdallah’, though the group presents itself as one big family. Tinariwen is a collective of Tuareg artists, a cultural movement and, more than anything, a musical adventure. Not one fixed group, the artists take part as and when they want with certain members contributing to their music without participating on their worldwide tours. Last year, Tinariwen had a very successful collaborative tour with English group Tunng, gaining them even more notoriety across Europe.


  • african
  • mali
  • blues
  • world music
  • tuareg
  • folk


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